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NoNo Talk  Symbian Mobile Dialer
  21/4/2010 New version! 
NoNo Talk  Mobile Dialer  for  Saudi Arab,  Bahrain, Kuwait, Africa, Asia,  Europe , USA , Canada ....

NoNo Talk  Mobile Dialer  for VOIP Blocked Countries  Like UAE , Oman!

                  NoNo Micro4G Mobile Dialer    Brand Pin: 6977
                 new version 3.03(2) released for UAE and all other countries

   Note: please uninstall previous version, restart you phone and then install the new application
Micro3G Mobile Dialer  Code: 6977                                                 15-05-2013  new version released!
Note:  If you want use Micro3G for our other services like lovelycall or aimspeech then just dial *00000*
           and change service code.  ( 3rd Edition Mobile )     (for  touch screen mobile)
NoNo iTel Dialer   Download link:

                    Oprator Code: 78402               New Version
NoNo Mosip Mobile Dialer   Download link:

                                          Brand Pin: 6977